Doodle, quilt, and colour-in

When you were young you probably loved doodling and colouring-in. As you grew older you got hooked on quilting. So here’s some very good news – this technique combines all three!

And, for a little extra fun, it turns your ideas about quilting back to front. Because the quilting comes before the colouring…

Just at the moment doodling and colouring-in are all the rage. They aid concentration, promote inner peace and add beauty and interest to our lives.

The techniques outlined in my new book – Quilt It & Colour It – do all of these things.

(And you happen to find quilting a bit stressful, then the doodling and colouring will soon calm you down…)

From here on I’ll be adding regular short articles describing this and other techniques, providing ideas and inspiration, and offering ‘how-to’ diagrams and (when my husband Allan can help) short videos.

I’d love to hear what you think, learn how you get on with the techniques I describe, and see the work you’ve been able to produce.

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