Textile Art

These hangings were designed and plotted out on the computer and then pieced and embellished using the sewing machine.

I love colour and playing with different colour palettes.

Or take a look at my smaller pieces

Chinese Roofs 1

Private collection, 48cm x 48cm


Chinese Roofs 2

58cm x 58cm


Chinese Roofs 3

64cm x 64cm


All Square

53cm x 53cm

Worlds Collide 1

Worlds Collide 1

118cm x 118cm

Warped shapes 1

108cm x 106cm


Red squares embellished

Private collection, 51cm x 51cm


More squares embellished

Smaller pieces

These are small, playful pieces using textiles, fibres, embellishing, stitching and quilting.

Hot Market 1

Worlds Collide 1

15cm x 21cm

Hot Market 2

15cm x 15cm


Unplanned garden

14cm x 18cm


In the bazaar 2

14cm x 19cm

In the bazaar 3

Worlds Collide 1

15cm x 15cm

The way thro’ the wood

Private collection: 11cm x 11cm


Into the glade 1

Private collection: 13cm x 13cm


Triangle 1

Private collection: 16cm x 20cm