‘Quilt It & Colour It’ – a new approach to whole cloth quilting

Are you a doodler? Enjoy colouring-in books? And love to quilt?  Then this book is for you!

In Quilt It & Colour It Rosemary Muntus shows how you, too, can create fabric doodles – then quilt and colour them to create beautiful pieces for yourself, your family and your friends. Look inside to discover a world of fun just waiting for you to explore…

Three things you love to do – doodling, quilting and colouring

When you were young you probably loved doodling and colouring-in. As you grew older you got hooked on quilting. So here’s some very good news – this technique combines all three! And, for a little extra fun, it turns your ideas about quilting back to front. Because the quilting comes before the colouring…

Just at the moment doodling and colouring-in are all the rage. They aid concentration, promote inner peace and add beauty and interest to our lives. The techniques outlined here do all of these things. (And if you happen to find quilting a bit stressful, then the doodling and colouring will soon calm you down…)

ISBN 978-0-9956405-0-4    22 A4 pages   Full colour throughout

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And the reviews are in…

Sammy Teather

If you thought quilting was a thing of the past, think again! Rosemary Muntus’s wonderful book ‘Quilt It & Colour It’ has given me a whole new perspective on the subject… her wonderful free form and flowing doodle patterns, and vivid vibrant colours bring the art form bang up to date.

Rosemary’s easy to follow step-by-step instructions and clear graphics just inspire you to start doodling and designing. The quilting itself is quite meditative, and because the ‘painting’ can be done with Inktense water colour pencils, the control you can get over the colour blending is fantastic.

Highly recommended for all creatives who love to doodle, sew and colour in.

Sammy Teather, Teather Creative Design

Rowey Perrett

I was lucky enough to buy an early copy of Rosemary Muntus’ latest book ‘Quilt It & Colour It’ at Alexandra Palace.  She has once again succeeded in bringing makers a novel and satisfying way of making beautiful and useful things! Using everyday materials, anyone can quickly learn this fascinating technique.

It can be as colourful as you wish and it can be as brash or as discreet as your imagination desires.

I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but buy this book and you could be making some of the loveliest things you have ever made the first time you try out Rosemary’s method!

Rowey Perrett