Many of my designs have been created using Painter and Photoshop. I like the square format and I use these designs as the basis for some of my textile works.

It is a great challenge converting the digital images into fabric, and I use CorelDRAW and Illustrator to create plans and templates.

We have triangles

Chalked triangles

Carnival triangles

Bright tiles


Worlds Collide 1

Lime squares

Country squares

Fancy smancy

Fun with perspectives

Worlds Collide 1


Purple chequers

Warped shapes 1

Sun garden amended

Worlds Collide 1

Bulgy squares


Festival 2

Some current designs

These  may or may not develop into quilts except for the last one, which is the cartoon for work currently in progress (i.e. pieced but not yet embellished).

Mauve squares

Worlds Collide 1

Rectangular quilt 1

Rose window

Soft lines 1

Soft lines 2

Worlds Collide 1


Scribble flower

My flowers

Pretty in pastel

Worlds Collide 1

Geometry 1

Felted squares 2