This bag was based on one seen on Pinterest. I haven’t tracked it down further than that! I have made it twice as I mislaid the first attempt. It uses an approximately A4 piece of boro. I used Essex linen and butter muslin for my second attempt plus a similar sized piece of cotton for the lining and a variety of largely rectangular pieces of cloth for the boro patches[1] and the two hangers. Both bags featured straps made from sari yarn from Rainbow Silks in nice mixed blues and a variety of threads (mainly coton perlé).


Take your backing fabric with muslin or similar beneath it. Then pin and/or tack the patches in place.


Now work your boro. Use coloured and/or white threads, Sashiko stitching and blanket, whip, darning and seed stitch as appropriate.


Trim to a neat rectangle and cut your lining to the same size. Fold each of them separately right sides together and sew down one long side and the bottom on your top layer. Sew up your lining the same way, leaving a gap in the lining seam so that you will be able to turn the bag right side out.


Make two small hangers from rectangles of suitable fabric (3 x 6 cm) long sides turned in, folded in again and stitched. Fold ends together.


Turn your outer layer right side out. Pin the hangers in place. Insert into the lining, right sides together and lining up the side seams. Sew around the top edge.


Turn right side out. Thread through and tie on your cord straps. Stitch up your lining.

These boro bag instructions may be freely distributed with my name on it and with the link to my website

[1] Acquired from EuroJapan Links to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude. What I have got from them over the years has provided me with some lovely fabrics. And making best use of them has contributed to the Wabi-Sabi element of my work!

© Rosemary Muntus, 7th February 2019